5 Steps to Transform Yourself into Higher Self

Q: “F.L.Y. First love yourself, others will come next.”

1. Be kinder toward other people

untitledIt is interesting that when you are kinder toward other people in your life, you tend to think about and treat yourself in a kinder way, too!

And the other bright side about this is that how you treat others is the way they tend to treat you in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some practical tips in your daily life:

  • Just be there and listen fully for a few minutes as you let someone vent
  • Give a genuine compliment or advice
  • Let someone into your lane while driving
  • Take a few minutes to help someone out in a practical way
  • Practice compassion
  • Practice empathy
  • Carefully listen to others

2. Compare yourself to yourself

One of the first things someone needs is to stop comparing oneself against other people. But what to do instead, since replacing a habit tends to be more successful than trying to just stop doing it? It may be more useful to compare oneself to oneself instead (eg. in various past periods to mark the evolution).

3. When you stumble, be your own best friend

Instead of beating yourself up when you fail or stumble in some way, ask yourself: How would my best friend or parent support me and help me in this situation?

Then simply do things and talk to yourself like the beloved one would do.

This simple change in perspective can help you to not fall down into a valley of depressed thoughts, but to be constructive and optimistic about what you do from here on out.

4. Leave perfectionism behind

2e7befa2eb8202b3b5758a63719d97deOne of the biggest reasons why we beat ourselves up so much was that we often wanted things to be perfect.

And so we keep ourselves to an inhuman standard, in school and whatever we do. A main problem with this mindset is, obviously, that we often did not do things at all because we were afraid that we could not do them perfectly. Or we feel it would be too much work and quit before we had even got started.

5. Be aware of the importance of self-esteem

Self-esteem refers to how much you value yourself and how important you think you are. It’s a measure of how you see yourself and how you feel about your life and your achievements.

Every individual needs to have self-esteem, quite simply because it affects every aspect of one’s life. Having a good self-esteem is essential, because:

  • It helps you feel good about yourself and everything you do
  • It translates into belief in yourself, giving you the courage to try new things
  • It allows you to respect and honour yourself, even when you make mistakes. And when you respect yourself, others will respect you too.
  • When you have a good self-esteem, you will know that you’re smart enough to make your own decisions.
  • When you honour yourself, you will make choices that nourish your mind and body.
  • You will value your safety, your feelings and health. Therefore, you will choose to make healthier eating choices, exercising, or taking time off to do something you like (without feeling guilty about not doing something for somebody else).

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